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The latest trend in interior design is now rapidly moving towards a more homely comfortable feel - away from the starkness epitomised by Scandinavian IKEA revolution of more recent years.

Vintage is now all the rage in the myriad of interior design shops springing up around our town centres.

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Simply Shelves

The Vintage Revolution “A Cautionary Tale”

When my wife and I got married, what seems like centuries ago, we had no option other than to buy “second-hand stuff” as it was then called - paint it, polish it, re-upholster it and loose covers were all the rage. Our first flat was at first floor level in a large georgian property - an enormous sitting room, corridor kitchen, cold and poky bathroom and one bedroom. No central heating, draughty ill-fitting windows and a fusty smell, the origin of which we never discovered!

Our three piece suite was treated to new loose covers which were changed three times before the suite was finally passed on to a needy young mother. Our initial purchase price was £30. Our largest purchase was a magnificent indian carpet bought for £40 at auction at Henry Spencer & Sons Retford. It was only partially rolled out in the auctions rooms. Correct width and about the right length, it seemed absolutely perfect for our new sitting room. It was quickly loaded onto the roof of our car and manhandled to the first floor of our flat in the crescent. We rolled it fully out on the sitting room floor, only to discover to our horror that a section had been cut out to fit around a hearth in its previous life!

After recovering from the shock of realising that we had just spent of 33% of our weekly income on this ruined but still beautiful carpet, it was manipulated around the room and to our utter amazement it fitted perfectly around the hearth in our new flat. It had come home! Some-one was certainly looking after us that day and teaching us a lesson we have never forgotten.

The victorians prized themselves on collecting and surrounding themselves with objet d’art partly for reasons of comfort and homeliness but more importantly as a measure of personal wealth and status.

The new vintage era has now emerged and lies somewhere between Victorian clutter and scandinavian minimalism.

Due to the high cost of building land , flats, apartments and starter homes get smaller, now often over three floors. No longer is there room to accommodate the dresser or china cabinet of yesteryear.

Starter homes, affordable housing and downsizing are now the buzz words.

People still enjoy surrounding themselves with, and collecting things they love and get pleasure from, whether it is a collection of Emma Bridgewater mugs and pottery for the kitchen or a collection of hummel figures, a prized collection of commemorative plates or more general photographs and memorabilia of unforgettable events throughout their lives.

The Lindsay Foale wall furniture has been specifically designed over many years to effectively and safely display collections within the home. By carefully arranging a collection it is possible to create an image providing long lasting pleasure and enjoyment in a homely and comfortable setting.

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